Are You Kitting? Let's Get Gifting!

  • Aug 4, 2021

Are you looking to deliver a branded experience that will not only excite your employees and customers and show your appreciation, but also bring comfort and joy after a long year?

We can create an experience with custom and kitted gifts. This allows you the opportunity to build a gift to fit your needs, price point or promotion.
Game Day
Sunday Funday
Seek Peace Take Care Kit
Rise and Shine



The sky’s the limit! Here are some examples of custom-kitted gifts to get you started:

Picnic Kit: a branded cooler or tote bag (and maybe even a picnic blanket), and let us create a gift with cheese, sausage and other snacks for a beautiful day in the sun.

Health & Wellness Initiative: Combine a branded jump rope and sweatbands with fresh and healthy snacks in a full color cylinder to promote an employee health and wellness initiative.

Virtual Sales Training: Incorporate some event excitement with must-haves like pens, a travel mug and books with delicious snacks to help employees get through another virtual get-together.

Creative Boost: Indulge their creative side with coloring supplies and an artbook with a personal card.

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