Introducing Moop! Homemade. Small Batch. Quality Materials

  • Feb 11, 2021

Making their home in Pittsburgh, PA, Moop Shop is a small, female owned, ethically manufactured brand who designs and manufactures canvas and waxed canvas bags in their downtown storefront. Fourteen years of bag designing and building experience has given them a global reputation within the maker brand category for quality and ethics in manufacturing.

Moop Shop is a small team, making bags start to finish every work day. The pandemic year led them to develop a line of wholesale only premium canvas tote bags. Available in three sizes and intended for embellishment. By printing your logo onto a Moop Tote Blank you are signaling your support for small, female owned, ethically manufactured businesses. An ethos customers are increasingly interested in supporting, especially within the textile and promotional products industry. These bags are highly customizable via screen printing, embroidery and logo patches, as well as 31 custom color ways. Cut and sewn in the US also means lead times are quicker, quality is trusted and jobs are being created. 


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