Love at First Sip! Popular Drinkware Styles for Gifting

  • Aug 17, 2021

It’s not too soon to start thinking about the holidays. When you need a gift that’s going to be given to a lot of people, you want something everyone can use and drinkware is used by everyone!
With so many people working remotely, the line between work and home is blurrier than ever. It’s nice to have one go-to drinkware piece that’s versatile enough for the entire day – morning coffee, afternoon ice water or taking the edge off after work.

DID YOU KNOW? Insulation keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. When comparing styles, vacuum insulation is good. Copper vacuum insulation is better.
In some public places water filling stations have replaced water fountains. The trend directly translates to a need for water bottles and if you’re carrying around a bottle all day, you want one that doesn’t “sweat” with condensation.

DID YOU KNOW? Vacuum-insulated bottles are perfect for every day. They keep your water cold for hours at a time and vacuum construction prevents condensation.
Sustainability has become a way of life for both consumers and corporations. People are using their own bottles and tumblers rather than buying drinks in single-use plastics or paper cups.

DID YOU KNOW? One reusable bottle can replace the purchase of up to 167 plastic bottles per year.

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